Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY Boho-Hippy fringe shirt

Hey loves,

How are you guys? Like seriously.....???

Anyway I am still very much in the summer mood, and even if I wanted to get out of the summer mood the weather here in Bangkok will never let me. It is scorching hot, This is my story every morning so here it goes. I get up at around 6.30 or 7.00 ish...and take my shower, make my hair do my make-up and get all decked up and leave my room around 9.00 am. After which I take the bike since my school is real close, and in the process of my 2 minute journey to school on the bike the irony is by the time I reach my class am feeling hot as hell and sweating like crazy..haha..Its my everyday story trust me!!! (P.s the sweating like crazy part might just be a little exaggerated) But nothing stops me from my morning rituals.

This DIY is inspired by summer like my previous DIY except that this is a lot easier and funkier. I have overdosing on my Hipster mode and hence this very bohemian-Hipster inspired DIY. The shirt I used here is an old over sized T-shirt of my boyfriend's. he actually wanted to throw it but I don't throw a single piece of clothing be it old or damaged. You never know when it ll come handy. So anyway I used his shirt and turned it into this chic fringe shirt. I hope it inspires you guys to do one yourself.  Feel free to post up some DIY project you have done. I could do a lot of learning too.

I hope you guys keep looking ahead to post on Satin Diaries, I have an inspirational post I am working on and some guest bloggers and so many new people. I am so excited. :D

Please follow me on Blogger if you can, as you can see it is a new blog and I barely have anyone and if you want to be updated on any posts by me please please DO SO. It would mean a lot to me.

happy days ahead.

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  1. Cool DIYs. The fringe shirt looks amazing!

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